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Upgraded sealing primer
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Upgraded sealing primer

2014-01-27 Upgraded sealing primer

Upgraded SPS Grondeermiddel sealing primer

SPS Grondeermiddel, the yellow sealing primer for highly absorptive substrates and substrates with irregular absorption properties, is a product that has been used for many years by professional plasterers. In today's market, achieving time savings is an important factor for both pre-treatment products and finishing products. In order to comply with this requirement, SPS bv has developed this product further in collaboration with a number of users. 

SPS Grondeermiddel sealing primer:

- Even faster drying/binding, meaning that plaster products can be applied even more quickly.
- Even more intensive colour to indicate whether adequate material is used during application.

In addition to its familiar good application characteristics, SPS Grondeermiddel sealing primer offers excellent value for money and is available in 5 and 15 kg packs.

SPS bv continuously develops and improves its range for the benefit of its users. This development activity ensures that we can continue to offer a high-quality range of products that satisfy current and future requirements, based on the experience of professional users.

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