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SPS for the Painter


SPS delivers quality products for professional painters and decorators. SPS achieves compliance with the requirements of professional users through modern production technologies and demanding quality control procedures. The range of products for painters and decorators is characterised by convenience in use and excellent value for money. The range consists of perfectly matched primer and top coat systems, pre-treatment products and wall paints, etc.

Wall paints
SPS supplies an extensive range of wall paints for a neat, decorative finish on walls, ceilings and gables. A number of aspects are important for the various applications: coverage, efficiency, open time, scrub-resistance, durability and degree of gloss. SPS has the perfect wall paint for every application in its range. SPS wall paints are characterised by their excellent application properties and good value for money. The Color Service paint mixing system makes it possible to supply a large number of wall paints in virtually any colour. The SPS Color Partner colour fan simplifies selection. This handy colour fan presents 250 matched colours.

Correctly prepared and primed surfaces guarantee optimal workability and a perfect result after applying the finishing coat. For optimum adhesion and paint build on wood, metal, etc., SPS supplies a number of primers as a base coat for the top coats. In addition, there are also clever pre-treatment products for creating optimum substrate conditions in preparation for final coating with a wall paint. These products provide effective pre-treatment for characteristics such as absorption, porosity, powdering, etc. The range offered by SPS includes solutions for almost any substrate.

Top coats
The top coat paints from SPS guarantee you outstanding durability and workability. The range includes various opaque paints with different degrees of gloss and a transparent exterior paint. For example, if you are looking for a high-coverage paint for wood, you can choose from a siliconised high-gloss paint that offers extreme exterior durability and a high-build gloss finish, a water-based alkyd emulsion in high-gloss and satin gloss variants, which are suitable for interior and exterior applications, and a water-based polyurethane paint in satin-gloss and matt variants.

Glass Fibre Fabric
SPS Glass Fibre Fabric is a wall covering made of natural, mineral substances which is eminently suitable for project-based applications such as offices and non-residential construction. Glass Fibre Fabric is available in different patterns, is easy to apply and can be painted over with most SPS wall paints in a variety of gloss levels and colours. In addition, SPS supplies Glass Fibre Mat and Renovation Mat for application on damaged substrates. In order to ensure rapid and problem-free application of glass fibre fabric, glass fibre mat and renovation mat, SPS offers various types of glass fibre fabric adhesive for attaching the materials.


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