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The company

The company


Marketing follows the latest trends and developments in different sectors and translates these into concrete product concepts which play a key role in our customers' success. The Marketing department uses in-house creative, graphic design and DTP resources to produce a distinctive style for a brand, concept or product. SPS willingly shares its expertise with customers and proposes possible improvements in order to create the strongest possible designs or product concepts. Specialists and craftsmen in the sample-making department produce bespoke samples for displays, POS boards, presentation walls or complete showrooms.


The Sales department consists of specialised teams for the professional, DIY and industrial markets. Our compact and transparent organisation guarantees short lines of communication. We deliver what we promise, every time. We give our full commitment to every assignment and cooperate with customers in looking for the best solutions, ranges and choices to ensure the right price/quality balance in their market.

Our technical specialists provide advice and coordinate projects in the market in collaboration with distributors and users.

Training and workshops

We attach great importance to ensuring that our customers are properly informed about the products we supply. This simplifies the selection process and ensures that end-users receive the assistance they require without unnecessary complication. We organise training courses or workshops in order to increase the level of knowledge about our products, paint systems and application techniques. These courses are always given by suitable trainers who are fully qualified both technically and practically.

The trainer instructs the participants in the use of the materials in a hands-on setting. The participants are schooled in both traditional and modern application techniques. The participants are generally distributors, painters, plasterers, paint specialists and sales people from the professional and DIY sectors. Training courses can also be arranged on site.

R&D colour laboratory

Our experienced colour specialists create colour palettes and colour concepts for the professional market and also for the DIY sector. Together with the Marketing and Sales departments, and based on input from external trend-watchers, they closely monitor the most recent colour trends and anticipate future trends. New colours are verified, documented and managed in a colour database. At present, more than 35,000 colours are available.

R&D product development

In-house experts in the Research & Development Department develop and improve products based on feedback and/or specific requirements provided by professional users and on consumer demand. Innovative new products and optimised recipes are tested thoroughly for ease of application, water hardness, scrub-resistance, durability, etc. The products supplied by SPS comply in all aspects with current legislation and regulations.


A large and above all flexible production capacity and effective and economical management by the purchase department ensure excellent stocks and availability of finished products, raw materials and packaging.

SPS produces water-based and solvent-based paints in both transparent and opaque tints for various applications within the different market segments. Wall paints possessing a huge range of different properties for walls, ceilings and gables, available with different degrees of gloss or for special applications. And a large selection of ornamental and durable decorative plasters.

Distribution centre

SPS operates a highly modern and automated distribution centre and is proud of its track record in consistently achieving an outstanding delivery performance of more than 99% year after year. This guarantees you on-time delivery. Our staff’s dedication and our efficient and flexible set-up ensure that both bulk orders and small orders are delivered at the right time and to the right address.

The distribution centre comprises approximately 20,000 pallet locations from which orders are picked on a daily basis. Good logistics organisation allows us to deliver products both in the Benelux and the rest of Europe in full accordance with the requirements of international partners.

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