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About SPS bv

About SPS bv

Since its incorporation in 1975, SPS bv has developed into one of the leading producers and suppliers of paint systems, wall paints and decorative plasters. With more than 35 years of experience in this sector, the company supplies its products to the professional market for painters and decorators, the professional market for plasterers, the DIY market and the industrial market. A family-owned and run company that employs more than 200 people and passionate specialists who are closely involved in developing the products and who think in terms of possibilities, opportunities and added value.

In addition to producing its own brands such as SPS and Finess, SPS bv also develops and supports a large number of private label brands - ranging from house brands and fancy labels to manufacturer's brands - from the initial concept development stage right up to the final product.

Custom-made products are also developed for various industrial applications. In these segments, SPS bv offers the right level of professional support and a strong customer focus in addition to a wide variety of products and concepts.

Vision of SPS bv

SPS understands that it can no longer differentiate itself adequately from other competitors simply by supplying keenly priced products and offering operational excellence. As a result, while continuing to offer keenly priced products and operational excellence, SPS now also focuses on differentiating itself by pro-actively delivering added value in the form of its expertise and experience at an early stage when developing tailor-made concepts and by offering marketing support.

SPS bv also sees that the retail brands in the DIY segment increasingly require suppliers to react faster and show an ability to adapt. Conversely, the professional market for painters and decorators and plasterers increasingly requires suppliers to also fulfil the role of sparring partner.

So SPS wants to fulfil the role of a flexible business partner for its customers by providing advice and service that go further than paint and decorative plaster alone. Furthermore, in addition to being a good business partner, the goal of SPS is to act as a flexible marketing sparring partner.

Mission SPS bv

To produce paints and decorative plasters, the developing of colours and colour concepts and the marketing of all this to both distributors and retailers. The basic principles of SPS are honest exchange, simplicity, effectiveness and customer focus. Within the framework of these basic principles, the objective of SPS is to assist customers in successfully marketing paint and decorative plasters. 

The following brands are part of SPS bv.